​​"A Modern Day Houdini" Fox News Channel

See Why


  • Fox News Channel called her a "Modern Day Houdini"
  • America's Got Talent on NBC "This was the best escape artist I have seen, " I think Houdini has been reincarnated. Harry, Harry is that you?" Howie Mandel
  • The Today Show said "This is not sleight of hand. This is the real thing" & "This is dangerous"
  • The CBS Evening News called her the "Housewife Houdini" 
  • Teller of the world-renowned Penn & Teller said "Alexanderia the Great creates real drama and I love it"
  • The Boston Globe said her escapes are "edge of your seat stuff"​
  • Boston Phoenix said "Houdini is back and she is a female"

Here Harry Houdini, The King,of Escapes is about to do one of his famous bridge jumps.  In his escape, he was restrained with a single five-foot chain with three padlocks and a pair of handcuffs.  Compare his restraints to Alex's restraints.   Here Alexanderia the Great is secured in 25 feet of chain 7 padlocks wrapped tight to her neck and secured in handcuffs, leg cuffs and a 15 lead weight belt attached to her body.  To make this escape even more thrilling,  she blows her air out before she hits the water thus attempting to escape all her restraints with whatever oxygen remains in her lungs.  Harry Houdini used to say "Failure means a drowning death".  In the Alex's case he could not be more correct.  At least Harry had less restraints and lungs full of air.  You can see why many have called her a Modern Day Houdini & the Queen of Extreme.

​CAUTION:  Alexanderia the Great is a trained professional.  Do not attempt these escapes yourself.

Full Circle Magic

Alexanderia the Great aka Donna Purnell is a world class escape artist who uses her magic & inspirational talks to not only wow but make a difference in the world.  She is one of the few women in magic willing to attempt death defying escapes.  Whether its setting world records on TV, training to the extreme or fighting to extricate herself from chains, shackles, handcuffs & strait jackets from dangerous situations like the bottom of a deep pool or her very own Underwater Cell (UC), you can count on Alex to do something breath-taking for your next event. 

Alexanderia the Great