Alexanderia the Great

My first practices began with simple rope escapes in my pool, which proved successful. I felt the need to move on to shackles and chains like the great Houdini did but wanted to surmount his previous stunts. Ironically enough, I later found out that Houdini refused to use rope or strait jackets in underwater escapes, as he said the materials was too unpredictable. I love a challenge and so that is why I keep pushing the art form and myself. I am honored that many have called me a Modern Day Houdini or the Queen of Extreme.

Once I mastered escaping from rope underwater, I graduated to chains,  then shackles.  I  am learning to master the art of lock picking.  I just set a new world record for the fastest extreme straitjacket escape. My regulation strait jacket was secured by 50 feet of chain and 10 padlocks. I escaped in 2mins 37 secs.  I am currently looking for sponsors to help with doing even more extreme escapes. 

CAUTION:  I am a trained professional.  Do not attempt these escapes yourself. 

So in my training, I have worked on increasing my strength, breath hold times and the ability to deal with more pain.  Now for instance, I can escape from twice as much weight as Houdini did in his underwater escapes.

How does someone become an escape artist?

In high school, I saw an old Tony Curtis film where he portrayed the great Houdini. I was mesmerized.  To see what the Master of Escape did to challenge himself exhilarated me.  The way Houdini captivated audiences worldwide with his daring feats really inspired me. I immediately began trying to reenact some of his escapes. Of course, if you know me, you know that simply duplicating Harry escapes was not enough.  I needed to try and surpass the master.  

About Alex

Alex takes you through her training (free diving, power lifting and doing battle with all kinds of restraints in various dangerous situations). It is all in a day’s work for “A Modern Day Houdini” according to Fox News Channel. 

Getting Out of Boxes and What it Means to You

I've survived escapes never attempted elsewhere: achieved several world records: set myself apart in a niche dominated by men.  Today, my trademark escape is breaking out of a bulletproof cell -but it only came about after I broke free of numerous other "boxes" I've been willingly locked in over the years (either by myself or society): "normal", "female", "wife" "mother"; "too heavy" "too old", "not smart enough", "not pretty enough" "girls not allowed." 

By continuing to test my limits and push myself with each and every escape, I hope to thrill you and keep you guessing as to what I'm going to do next. But I also want you to know that like me you can get out of whatever boxes you're in -- and ultimately become your own"escape artist." 

(Although, please don't literally try this at home.)

​​"A Modern Day Houdini" Fox News Channel