See Alex set attempt to set a world record on national TV on Fox news channel's Fox and Friends in New York City live 

The CBS Evening News is  featuring Alex on their February 21st show.  Steve Hartman did a shoot with her and filmed the Feb 19th show. to see her attempt to escape from the potentially deadly Underwater Cell (UC).  

see Alex up close and personal on the award winning TV news magazine Chronicle HD

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See me, Alexanderia the Great, on Fox 25 Morning Show April 7 at 9:00am for an up close and personal interview and then attempt to break a world record live.

The Houlton Fair

Houlton, Maine

See Alex perform 3 shows daily

July 2nd

  • 12 noon Entertainment Tent
  • 2:00pm Entertainment Tent
  • 8:00pm Entertainment Tent

July 3rd

  • 12:30pm Entertainment Tent​
  • 4:00pm Entertainment Tent
  • 7:30pm Entertainment Tent

July 4th

  • 12 noon Entertainment Tent
  • 3:30pm Entertainment Tent
  • 6:30pm Entertainment Tent
Friday, September 30 The Today Show invites me to come and talk with them while I try to escape.  Watch and see if I can talk and escape at the same time on NBC 7am-9am.
Come see me do something breath-taking at Mer-Palozza, Saturday, August 11 at the International Palms Resort & Conference Center Orlando FL. 6515 International Drive, Orlando, FL For tickets go to  

She will attempt to set a sixth next Wednesday with a variation of her “Underwater Leap of Faith.’’.

Alexanderia will aim to accomplish one of magic's most death-defying escapes, in a way no other artist has ever attempted. Standing at the edge of a deep pool, she will be restrained in handcuffs, leg cuffs, a heavy lead weight belt, 30 feet of chains and secured by seven padlocks. Clad in more in weight of restraints than any female escape artist ever and more than even the Great Houdini did in his underwater escapes, Alexanderia the Great attempts to escape underwater using a new and controversial method in free diving  called FRC or an exhale dive.  Prior to jumping to the bottom of the pool to try and escape her many restraints, Alexanderia will not breath in but will blow out her air and attempt to do the escape on what is called her functional residual capacity (FRC).  Without full lungs she will be left to try and escape with just the remaining air in her lungs and blood stream.

Houdini would say of his underwater escapes, "Failure means a drowning death".  For Alex the margin of error has never been so slim.  There is a real chance for blackout using this method as she tries to get her body to be more efficient with so little air by kicking in what is called the divers reflex.  She must get her body to slow her consumption of O2 and her heart rate so that she my have enough time to escape.  This time when she says this escape will be breath taking she is not kidding.

Don't miss Alexanderia the Great performing at the International Brotherhood of Magicians Convention July 4th at noon at the Sheraton Norfolk Waterside outdoor pool.  Alex will be performing her Underwater Leap of Faith but in a new and even more death defying way.

Known as the "Housewife Houdini", a "Modern Day Houdini" and the "Queen of Extreme", Alexanderia, who has been featured on NBC’s Today Show, the CBS Evening News and FOX News Channel, in addition to several regional outlets, is the recognized female escape world-record holder in five categories.

Come see Alex at the Marshfield Fair 140 Main St. Marshfield MA 

August 24 for 2 shows 4:30pm & 6:30pm & August 25 3:00pm & 6:30pm. See her try and go beyond Houdini as she tackles cuffs, strait jackets and her signature Underwater Cell (UC).  For more info go to 

Watch me on America's Got Talent as I try and battle literally my way to the top.  Watch my first escape on AGT let them know what you thought of it.  Also if you like this please share with others and any groups you think would like to support me.

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events Alexanderia the Great female escape artist

My Houdini Now show is coming to the Virginia/DC area. Tickets on sale now at

Alexanderia the Great

​​"A Modern Day Houdini" Fox News Channel